If you’re using Adobe After Effects without any plugins, you may be wasting a lot of time and missing out on the possibilities it offers. In this article, I’m going to share the top 19 plugins that can help you enhance your workflow in After Effects. After using Adobe After Effects for over 5 years, I’ve selected these top plugins based on their capabilities. Some plugins are paid, while others are free to use. Each plugin has its own unique features and uses.

1. Aejuice Plugin

If you want to improve your motion graphics and save time, Aejuice is a great option. They offer both free and paid resources that can really help your projects. You’ll find free sound effects, title animations, VFX elements, holograms, and more. Whether you use Premiere or Adobe After Effects, Aejuice has tools that can make your work easier and add creativity. Give Aejuice a try for your next project and see how it can enhance your animations.

2. Element 3D

Element 3D is one of the best plugins for Adobe After Effects, providing a wide range of features and capabilities. It lets you easily import and edit 3D models right in After Effects. Element 3D opens up numerous possibilities, allowing users to create detailed 3D animations, realistic visual effects and impressive motion graphics without needing to switch to another program.


To apply effects in After Effects, we typically select the layer, navigate to Effects & Presets, and choose the effects to apply—this process can be time-consuming. However, the Fx Console plugin simplifies this. By pressing CTRL+Spacebar on your keyboard, you can quickly type and apply any effect you need. This plugin saves significant time when working in After Effects. I’ve found that using Fx Console not only speeds up my workflow but also enhances the efficiency of applying effects in After Effects.


When compositing or working with green screens in After Effects, matching the background video with the foreground can be quite challenging. However, the Light Wrap plugin offers a solution by allowing the background light to blend around the foreground subject. Using the Light Wrap plugin can significantly enhance the realism of your compositions in After Effects. It’s a valuable tool that I recommend exploring for anyone involved in compositing work and this plugin is available for free.


When changing the color of footage in After Effects, traditional methods like fill or tint may not always produce the desired results. However, using the Color Vibrance plugin can enhance the overall quality of your work. It provides much better results, allowing you to achieve richer and more vibrant colors that improve the visual appeal of your footage.


This plugin offers an extension for both Premiere Pro and After Effects. Within this extension, you can access all the built-in presets such as text animations, sound effects, music, transitions, and more. Also many YouTubers use this plugin. I highly recommend trying it out, especially since it’s completely free to use.


Orb is a game-changer for anyone wanting to create stunning space or planetary scenes directly in After Effects. It opens up new possibilities without the complexity of traditional 3D software, making it a must-try tool for visual artists and filmmakers alike. And it’s totally free to use.


If you’re looking to animate characters or scenes in After Effects without the hassle of learning new software, the Dulk Angela plugin is an excellent solution. It provides comprehensive features for scene animation, including the ability to use both IK (Inverse Kinematics) and FK (Forward Kinematics) methods. This versatility allows you to animate a wide range of scenes with ease, whether you’re working on simple character movements or complex sequences.


The Saber plugin, designed for creating light and energy effects, was developed by Video Copilot. It’s incredibly versatile, suitable for enhancing text, visual effects, and can even be applied to any traced path. Whether you’re aiming to add dynamic energy to motion graphics, simulate lightsabers or lasers in cinematic sequences, or create mesmerizing glowing effects in designs, Saber offers extensive customization options. Also it’s totally free to use.


In After Effects, when applying glow effects to text or footage, achieving high quality and realism can be challenging. For creating realistic and natural-looking glows, I recommend trying Deep Glow from AEScripts. This plugin enhances the appearance of glows by adding depth and richness, surpassing the standard glow effects available in After Effects. It’s a valuable tool for achieving professional-grade visuals with enhanced realism and aesthetic appeal.


Sometimes, Bending surfaces like t-shirts or skin can be quite challenging to track. However, with the help of this plugin, you can effortlessly track any surface. This tool simplifies the process and ensures precise tracking even on complex surfaces.


If you want to create professional map animations like top YouTubers, Geo Layer is the ideal plugin. It offers a variety of options such as colors, lines, cities, and countries, making it easy to create dynamic and visually appealing map animations. Geo Layer enhances your video projects with informative geographical elements, perfect for educational content, travel vlogs, or business presentations.


Tracking can be tough, especially when things move fast and After Effects can’t always keep up. That’s where Mocha Pro comes into play—a tool that’s essential for tracking and widely used by big production companies. Mocha Pro is known for its advanced tracking abilities, especially in handling tricky shots effectively with features like planar tracking.


Inside the Boris FX Sapphire plugin, you’ll find a wide range of effects that can really improve your workflow and save you a lot of time. These plugins are great for motion graphics, visual effects (VFX) and many other creative tasks. Boris FX Sapphire gives you tools like advanced transitions, beautiful lighting effects, tools for adjusting colors, and more. Whether you’re working on movies, ads, or videos.


This plugin helps you add transitions between two videos. The best part is that you can customize every setting directly within the plugin. Many video editors use this plugin, especially for adding transitions in slow-motion sequences.


If you want to create effects such as smoke, particles, clouds, or fire, the Trapcode Particular plugin is ideal. It provides a variety of options that are essential for VFX and motion graphics. With Trapcode Particular, you can easily create detailed particle effects.


Magic Bullet is a complete plugin that gives you all the tools for adjusting colors and enhancing your footage. It offers a variety of features to help you create different looks, balance tones and perfect the visual style of your project through color grading and correction.


If you want to create the best slow-motion videos, Twixtor Pro is one of the top plugins available, performing significantly better than Adobe After Effects alone. Many influencers use this plugin for creating engaging reels and short videos. I recommend giving this plugin a try—it could greatly enhance your video production experience.


Transferring vector shapes from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe After Effects can be time-consuming, but Overlord simplifies this process. With this plugin, you can transfer any shape from Adobe Illustrator to Adobe After Effects with just a click.