What is a green screen ? How to Set Up a Green screen?

A green screen, also known as chroma key.  Green screen is a technique used in video and film production to remove Green color from the background and composite or replace it with another background such as images or videos. The blue or green background is selected because it’s a color that is not generally found in human skin tones or other common objects, making it easier for software to identify between the background and foreground. Once the Green background is removed, the foreground can be used with any other background, creating a different composite shot. 

Green screens are used by many productions, video games and live streaming, youtubers etc. They allow users to add special effects, create virtual sets that would otherwise be impossible to record  or costly to film in real life.

Some common mistakes to avoid when shooting with a green screen​

  1. Poor quality green screen: A poor quality green screen is one of the big reasons to get difficulty in achieving a clean key. Make sure to use a Clean and high-quality green screen that is free of defects, such as tears or holes.

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Poor quality green screen

2. Green Clothes/ Tattoos –  If the subject is wearing Green clothing or any shade of green color again it will create a problem while removing green screen the subject to disappear when keying out the background. So make sure to avoid green clothes and consider using clothing that contrasts with the background color. 

Green clothes tattoos

3. folds or Wrinkles: Make sure to smooth out any wrinkles or folds in the green screen before recording otherwise it will create problems such as shadows and uneven lighting that will be challenging to key out the background while editing.

Smooth green screen

4. Uneven lighting – It may be challenging to key out the backdrop if the green screen has shadows or hotspots due to uneven lighting. Use at least three lights, carefully positioning them to provide a uniform illumination without any shadows.

Uneven lighting in green screen

5. Reflections: If the subject in the scene reflects the green screen, it can create unnecessary  halos and green spills around the subject. To avoid this, make sure to adjust the position of the lights and the subject in a way that minimizes reflections.

6. Subject too close to the green screen – If the subject is too close to the green screen, it may cast shadows or spill over the screen, which will make it challenging to key out the backdrop. Make sure Maintain a minimum 6-feet distance between the subject and the green screen.

7. Incorrect camera settings – Make sure to adjust the camera settings, such as white balance, ISO and shutter speed to match the lighting conditions in the room to get better results.

8. Using the wrong shade of green – Use a green screen that is easy to key out and also bright and saturated in color. Avoid using green hues that are too similar to the person’s clothing or skin tone because this could make parts of the subject vanish.

9. Shadows and Movement –  The subject stays still and avoids casting any shadows on the green screen

10. Correct White Balance – White balance helps to get natural color in the scene. A correct white balance is an important part of a green screen. We can also purchase white balance card from amazon at an affordable cost. It will be helpful while recording Green screen and editing.

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white balance card

11. Use a matte boxThe matte box helps to reduce glare and reflection on the green screen and the matte box is attached to the front of the camera.

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matte box for camera

12. Use a tripod: A tripod helps to keep your camera balanced and minimize the risk of camera shake or movement.

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13. Use a monitor : We can also use a monitor which can help you to see exactly what you’re recording and also we can adjust some camera settings and lighting as needed. This is the best way to get the best shot and avoid unwanted mistakes.

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Camera field monitor

14. Use a high-resolution camera –  A Good Quality camera allows you to capture more detailing and also make it easier to key out the background.

15. Use the right software – To cut out the green screen properly in post production, you’ll need to use the right software. Some popular applications are  Adobe After Effects, Nuke, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc. Make sure to learn how to use the software properly.

16. Match the lighting – When recording with a green screen. It’s important to match the lighting on your main subject to the lighting on the green screen. This technique helps the final product look more natural and realistic.

17. Use a green screen suit : If the subject is moving during the shot and interacting with objects on the set. So use a green screen suit. This technique will allow you to key out the full body of the subject and make it easier to achieve a good effect.

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Green screen suit for vfx

18. Use a background that matches the final product – While selecting a background for your green screen shot, make sure to select a background that matches the style, tone, and lighting of the final product. This can help to get amazing results.

How to remove green screen? Here are some video that will help you to learn some Basic fundamental of green screen in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere pro.

Adobe After Effects Tutorial in Hindi
Adobe Premier pro Tutorial in English
Adobe After Effects Tutorial in English
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